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More left-leaning bias among CREW’s “Scoundrel’s of the Month”

If you still weren’t convinced CREW is a partisan attack dog for the left, a nostalgic skim through their website might uncover their “Scoundrel of the Month” program. While it seems to be on hold–for now–they regularly chose a scoundrel of the month from 2011 to 2015.

As a self-proclaimed nonpartisan government watchdog that’s been active through both Democratic and Republican Congresses and Administrations, one would believe such a list would be evenly tied for the amount of Republicans and Democrats that comprise it. But, a simple search for “Scoundrel of the Month” on CREW’s website will prove that a majority of the “winners” were either Republican politicians or conservative organizations.

Ranging from former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to Representative Darrel Issa (twice), and even Supreme Court Justice John Roberts; CREW has no shame in calling some of America’s most influential leaders “reckless” and “disgraceful.”

We found that out of the 33 reported “Scoundrels of the Month” only two were Democrats (see list below). Meaning that nearly 94 percent of the listed “Scoundrels” were either Republican legislators, conservative organizations, Republican-leaning businesses (or owners who identified as Republican), and one government agency. Still believe CREW to be a nonpartisan watchdog? We don’t either.

Organization/Political Party Winner
Business Aetna
Business US Chamber of Commerce
Business Rupert Murdoch
Business Jamie Dimon
Conservative Sean Noble
Conservative Grover Norquist
Conservative American Conservative Union
Conservative Citizens United
Conservative Crossroads GPS
Democrat Andrew Cuomo
Democrat Phillip Puckett
Government IRS
Republican Eric Cantor
Republican Newt Gingrich
Republican John Roberts
Republican Mitch McConnell
Republican Michele Bachmann
Republican David Rivera
Republican Super Committee
Republican Ted Cruz
Republican Scott Walker
Republican Darrell Issa
Republican Darrell Issa
Republican Senate Ethics Committee
Republican Rick Perry
Republican David Vitter
Republican Chris Christie
Republican Louie Gohmert
Republican Greg Walden
Republican Antonin Scalia (Scoundrel of the Year)
Republican Antonin Scalia
Republican Pat McCrory
Republican John Boehner


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