CREW Exposed

Did CREW Just Become the Official MAGA Police?

The Citizens for Ethics in Washington (CREW) may have a little too much time on its hands. Earlier this month, CREW filed a Hatch Act complaint against 10 Trump Administration officials.

The Hatch Act was established in 1939 to prevent government employees from engaging in certain forms of political activity. Its enactment was intended to ensure that government programs were administered in a “nonpartisan fashion.” But CREW might have just given the Hatch Act a new, and absurd, meaning.

CREW has decided that any government official, mainly those directly in the Trump Administration, cannot use the term “MAGA” or “Make America Great Again” in any capacity, mainly on twitter. In 10 separate official complaints, CREW describes each administration official who has used a “MAGA” reference in a public manner.

One example of this obscure investigation is into the Department of the Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, who tweeted a photo of himself wearing “MAGA” socks. So according to CREW’s logic, he is actively campaigning in his official government capacity…while wearing socks.

CREW, once again, proves how seriously it takes itself while acting as a government watchdog. This time, by acting as the official MAGA police.

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