CREW Exposed

CREW’s Political Agenda Is Behind A Constitutional “Crisis”

The left-wing lap dogs at CREW are barking up a new tree. CREW filed a federal suit against President Trump in January and has since been joined by the union-backed Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC). A D.C. restaurant named Cork Wine Bar filed suit in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in March. On Friday, the CREW team filed a new brief in order to convince the court not to throw out the case.

Their claim: The new Trump Hotel in Washington and other Trump Organization businesses have attracted more patrons due to the president’s position as leader of the country. They’re saying Trump violated the “Emoluments Clause,” a little-known section of the Constitution that prohibits public office holders from profiting from their title or receiving gifts from foreign governments. Just a few weeks ago, CREW announced it would be releasing visitor logs for Mar-a-Lago. This comes after attempts to obtain records from the White House and Trump Tower have failed. When ROC joined the lawsuit against the president, they began boasting of its actions on Twitter with the hashtag #RocVTrump. (ROC gained notoriety in the past after it was sued by its own employees for, among other things, “exploitative working conditions.”) A closer look at the plaintiffs suggests an agenda driven by politics, not restaurant patrons or genuine ethical concerns.

Cork’s owners, the original plaintiffs, have strong union and left-wing ties. Khalid Pitts was president of the liberal grassroots group USAction and used to work as Director of Strategic Campaigns for the SEIU. His wife and co-owner Diane previously worked for the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, a who’s-who group of labor and left-wing advocacy groups. A high-profile investor is also entangled in the lawsuit — D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine is a “limited partner” in Cork’s wine market — which raises ethical questions about conflicts of interest regarding the case filed in D.C.’s Superior Court.

CREW and ROC are both weapons of the left-wing infrastructure–George Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society has given CREW at least $740,000 since 2010, and ROC at least $175,000 since 2011. These groups can try to mask their true intentions, but this lawsuit appears to be less about a real constitutional crisis, and more about creating a fake media crisis to harm President Trump.

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