CREW Exposed

CREW Posts Misleading Tweet, Called Out By New York Times Reporter

Today, a grand jury in Washington, DC, handed down 13 indictments against Russian nationals and three indictments against Russian entities for interfering in the United States political process. True to form, Citizens for the Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) rushed to Twitter to fire another misleading tweet:

What CREW’s tweet leaves out, but is included in the text cited, is that this communication was—according to the indictment— “unwitting.” Alex Burns, a reporter for The New York Times spotted CREW’s omission and quickly pointed it out:

As Burns notes, the “unwitting” part does not make this story “not a big deal,” but it does “point toward a much more complicated debate about the definition of ‘collusion.'”

CREW, as an organ of the left, has long trumpeted many theories about foreign involvement with the Trump campaign in an effort to delegitimize his presidency. But, like always, facts don’t matter to CREW. Feeding a narrative does.

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